Hey parents! This is just for you. Let me start though by saying “I LOVE Doug Fields!” Doug Fields was the youth director at a super large church in California called Saddleback. I met Doug Fields more than 20 years ago and he helped me launch my youth ministry. Now Doug Fields is in Family Ministry and helps come along side parents. And now that’s what I’m doing! I would love to make an awesome video teaching series. And maybe I will in the future. But for now, I’m encouraging you to just watch what Doug Fields has already provided us.

Watch Intentional Parenting by Doug Fields on RightNowMedia.org

This series has 5 short videos. Each one is less than 10 minutes. Watch this series and use them as an encouragement. If you are already doing some of these things, then GREAT! Or take one or two ideas to implement. Put a few of these ideas in the back of your brain to use when the moment is right or put one of these ideas on your calendar. Don’t be overwhelmed. You do not have to do all of the ideas at the same time. If you know me, you will know that I totally loved the last one in the series!

And if you do not have a membership to RighNowMedia, you are in luck! The Ridge has a membership and you can use ours! All you have to do is create an account, make a user name and password. You can get started just by going to this link: https://ridgelife.org/rightnow-media-17938
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Have fun watching this series and more on RightNowMedia!

After watching the last video in the aforementioned series, it reminded me of a family tradition we created and loved for many years. The Sunday before the 4th of July was known as “National Sweet Day” in our house. My kids could eat and drink WHATEVER they wanted all day long. They didn’t need to ask our permission. The week before our “holiday”, we would hit the $1 store and the grocery store and our kids would stock up on soda and sweets. We would lay out our stash on the kitchen table and would just feast and graze all day long. It was glorious. Our kids thought we were the COOLEST PARENTS EVER! Funny side story…I remember one year when our son was older, about 14, we made it into the afternoon and he comes to us sort of sheepishly and says, “Mom, dad? Um…is it alright if I have an apple?” We laughed and said “OF COURSE! You can eat whatever you want today.” I guess he had his fill of donuts, candy and soda that day. Anyways, this is just one example from our family. Have fun creating memories!

Doug Applegate
double dipper
Current Junkyard Director AND New Family Ministries Director!