SPARK Director Bonnie May & Family

We are excited to announce Bonnie May as the new Director of SPARK (Special Programs Assisting Ridge Kids). Let’s learn some more about Bonnie…

I have a husband Ken a veterinarian, a son Will, going to UNI this fall and a daughter Lindzee, a junior in high
school.  I originate from Chicago and became a christian in high school.  My gift for working with kids comes from God and has brought me to the Spark Program.  One of my favorite memories from the Ridge is one Sunday morning when the wind was blowing, not knowing ahead of time, Ridge Kids had to be outside (I forget the reason)…inspired by God, there was masking tape available and a lesson to be shared…even in the bluster….the role as a team leader in the Spark program is having God use me with my gifts, talents and interests.  I have served children and families in the role of a school administrator a school psychologist, counselor and teacher.  I am excited to be part of team Spark and part of God’s plan….dreaming Big for His little ones.