One of the themes that courses through the New Testament is that your walk with God is designed by God to be a community project… Yet many believers live their lives with a huge separation between their public church personas and the details of their private existence. No one really knows us beneath the well-crafted public display, and because they don’t know us, they cannot minister to us, because no one can minister to that which he does not know. Moreover, we think we know ourselves and we think we’re okay, forgetting the blinding power of sin. That’s why church is, for many of us, nothing more than a thing to attend on Sunday. Church is a formal set of activities. Church is a place where music can be enjoyed and sermons can be heard. Church provides wholesome activities for our children. But the Bible is clear. When each part is working properly, the body of Christ grows to maturity in Christ. We each need to live in intentionally intrusive, Christ-centered, grace-driven redemptive community. It is meant to motivate and encourage. It is meant to rescue and restore. It is meant to instill hope and courage. It is meant to guide and protect. Are you connected in?
– Paul David Tripp, New Morning Mercies, July 12