Top 10 (ish)

Order amid the chaos

In a world of infinite possibilities, it can be infinitely challenging for parents to figure out which tools and resources to trust. The Ridge Family Team is here to bring order to the chaos with our picks for parenting resources that have been tried and tested by fellow Ridge parents. Whether you’re looking for books, podcasts, educational websites or a Christian counselor, we’ve got you covered with 10 (ish) trusted resources in each category.


Need Something Else?

Sometimes, you just need to commiserate or connect with other parents who have been through similar circumstances. If this is you, we hope you’ll reach out to Family Ministries Director Doug Applegate at or 515-205-7070. He can connect you to parents who are willing to give advice, share their own story, simply listen or pray with you. You are not alone.

(Note: These parents are not counselors. If your situation would benefit from professional help, please consult the Christian Counselor’s list above.)

Here are some topics that other Ridge parents have experienced and would be willing to support you with:

Addiction, Adoption, Anxiety, Chronic Illnesses, Depression, Divorce, Financial Stress, Foster Care, LGBTQ+, Life Transitions (kids growing up, moving on, etc.), Loss of Parent or Spouse, Medical Illnesses, Pornography, PTSD, Special Needs Children, Step Families, Suicide