Day of Love 2020

Wondered what The Junkyard was up to Saturday? Check this out! {Video}
Here is everything we got done at Day of Love 2020…(in case you are unfamiliar with the Day of Love; it’s a day of serving. We do it every spring. We sent out nearly 180 people to over 24 ministries and organization to help them, serve them and let them know God loves them!)

Blank Park Zoo

We picked up a jumbo bag of trash around the zoo/parking lot and cut up a tub of plastic rings to help keep animals safe!

Ronald McDonald house

We made 4 gourmet freezer meals and fresh warm melt in your mouth cookies for families at the Ronald McDonald House

Urbandale Restore

800 sq feet of area rugs hung
70 gallons of paint restocked
1,000 pounds of concrete mix restocked
12 pounds of candy restocked
120 sq ft of shelves reorganized
All before lunch!
After lunch:
1,150 pounds of flooring loaded for customer
15 customers assisted
30 gallons of paint restocked
187 tubes of caulk restocked
12 cans of spray texture
Moved 500 pounds of counter top
Hung 215 sq feet of rugs
Removed 28 pounds of garbage

Gatton House

Fire. Lots and lots of fire (we burned a bunch of trash and debris!).
Over three tons of clothes, old furniture, electronics, etc moved out of the basement. Tore down an old chicken coup. Cleaned up a massive log pile and organized it. Removed a log splitter offsite.

YESS and Can do cancer

875 envelopes & encouragement cards assembled
205 necklaces made
1,089 envelopes labeled
31 Oreos eaten
4 impromptu dances by MadDog
7 deodorants, 8 bottles of acrylic paint, 2 conditioners, 3 packs of underwear, 5 chapsticks bought for YESS
Oh and $10 of Quarter secretly left at the laundry mat.

Ballard clothes pantry and many hands for Haiti

4 very long racks of clothes inspected, sorted & hung. 3 pieces of furniture destroyed (to save room in dumpster), 3 outfit changes for Parker (random dude)
And one pulled tooth!

Ruth Harbor Carlisle

Racked clothes:
Premie =75
Total= 2779 items

Ruth Harbor Des Moines

Baseboards trim cabinets windows and blinds of a 5000 sqft house
And detailed 2 vans, stocked food pantry and donation center, and cleaned windows, baseboards, cupboards, blinds and windows of a 5000 sq ft house

ChildServe Alpha Women’s Center

1008 diapers organized and packaged. 7 tie blankets in 90 minutes.


Cleaned over 200 dog bowls, 20 kennels, mopped the entire floor, moved hundreds of pounds of food, loaded 50 rabbit cages, saved the whales

Jen’s friend

Over 50 floor boards scrubbed many doors down and a dumpster full of trash with a side of organization.

Hope Ministries

We sorted 657 rolls of toilet paper and 157 rolls of paper towel sorted
1 huge dumpster filled. 4 half empty pickle jars
1 golf cart crash
1 random bag of cutie oranges found (and picked up) on side of exit ramp

Restore Des Moines

3 small dumpster tubs. 12 pallets of house boards and siding straightened. 13 old pallets busted up and thrown away. Lots of areas swept and cleaned.

Easter Seals and McDonald House

10 gallons of white chicken chili bagged and ready to heat and eat at Ronald McDonald House!

Blessing The Ridge

Grandmas recipe for homemade Meatloaf for Bethel 52 pounds!!
And prepped for the Preschool @ The Ridge art expo.


45 neck pillows lovingly sewed for Mercy One’s Comfort Carts