Easter at The Ridge
Simply Jesus

So often, people put up barriers between themselves and faith. And for good reason. Hypocrisy, broken relationships, bad church experiences and the chaotic state of the world are all very real problems. But they are also very human problems. This Easter, we invite you to put your reservations to the side for just a moment. We invite you to consider faith based not on what people have done but rather on what Jesus has done and continues to do. Let’s start simply—with a man who lived humbly, spoke wisely and loved profoundly. Let’s start with Jesus. Simply Jesus.


Easter Services

Saturday, April 16
5:00 PM (Onsite & Online)

Sunday, April 17
8:00 AM | 9:45 AM | 11:30 AM (Onsite & Online)

Baptism will be held at each service on Easter Sunday.


Good Friday Services

Friday, April 15
6:30 PM (Onsite & Online)

8:30 PM (Online Rebroadcast)


(Click to download graphic with service times)

Instructions on how to RSVP

To reserve a row: choose a service time then select a row that best seats your group. The rows are labeled with the maximum number of seats in that row, followed by the section letter, and the row number (for example: “Seats up to 3: Section C Row 3” – this row can seat up to 3 people).

Section A is the section closest to the north wall (if you are looking at the stage, on your left) and Row 1 is the closest row to the stage. (See Map)

Once you select your row, scroll all the way to the bottom to click continue.

The Nursery will be available for children ages 4 months – Pre K for all services except the 11:30 a.m. service Sunday morning (RSVP for nursery).

Questions on RSVPing?

Watch Dayne give a step by step guide on how to RSVP for a row.