The Focus Team has an important role at Prairie Ridge Church.  At other churches this group may be known as the Consistory, Administrative Board, or Parish Council. The Focus Team oversees the stewardship of the church’s financial resources, which includes activities such as reviewing & approving the annual budget & monitoring actual expenses against the budget. The team also oversees issues related to the church staff and the ministries they support such as: maintaining the annual strategic planning process, providing input into the creation of new ministry areas & monitoring the effectiveness of existing ministries. Each Focus Team member serves a three year term, with the terms being staggered to maintain consistency.  The Focus Team meets monthly.

Who is on the Focus Team now?

Mark Den Adel                                                  Mark Densmore
Valerie Rivera                                                    Todd Sutphen
Mark Heston                                                      Donna Lawler
Mike Van Rees – Lead Pastor                        Dan Schuknecht – Executive Pastor

Who would be a good candidate to serve on the Focus Team?

Any Ridge Partner who has demonstrated a commitment to the purpose and mission of the Church would be a good candidate for the Focus Team.  Beyond that, individuals that have experiences or skills relevant to the responsibilities of the Focus Team would be helpful.


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Nomination Process

Please nominate up to four people for the Focus Team by submitting the name(s) via e-mail to Cheryl Sidler ( by November 17th.