We worship God because He is worthy

 It is in our nature to express that which we value. Read a good book and you want to tell somebody about it. See a great game and you want to talk  about it. Find a great restaurant and you want to recommend  it. Our delight naturally flows into praise. The Hebrew word for worship means to (ascribe worth- to respond).

Psalms 103:1-5 provides reasons for worshipping
  • I have experienced God’s forgiveness and I want to declare it.
  • I do believe that someday God will heal all that is broken and I want to express that
  • I have been given life after death… forever with Him… and I want to share it.
  • I have experienced God’s great love and compassion and I want to name that.

For those of you with talents in music, creative arts, or production tech, find more information here about how to get involved.

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