Meet The Ridge Staff: Neil Erredge; Junkyard67 Leader

1: 67 Youth Ministry Leader
2: Favorite thing about job is being able to work with spectacular and
gifted volunteers and get to spend time with wonderful middle school kids.
3: Least favorite thing is only being able to get an hour of scheduled
weekly hangouts with the middle school kids
4: Truly accepted Jesus into my heart in 8th grade when i heard a message on
the crucifixion and really understood the gift God was giving us. God has given
me a passion for youth. And i connect with God through christian music worship
time, playing basketball alone while talking with Him, and reading His word.
5: currently studying proverbs, by taking a verse a day and meditating on it
throughout the day.
6: i was initially brought here by my parents when i was in 7th grade, but
grew to love the youth group was hooked ever since. I moved back to Ankeny with
my wife after college and immediately came back to the Ridge because of the love
and passion people have for Christ and the relationships i have formed there.
7: Favorite memory was the Passover meal that is shared when students go
through the walk. Having gone through jt as a sponsor and as a walk student it
is always a great experience.
8: I am married to my beautiful wife Sarah, and have been married for 2
years now. We just were blessed with an amazing daughter, Addison Rebel
Erredge, who was born 06/10/2016. My parents, Dave and Tara Erredge, also live
close by and I have two great supportive brothers, Steven and Paul
9: Favorite Verse: 1 Peter 3: 8-9
10: Favorite Quote: “Legend…. Wait for it… Dary!!!”

-Barney Stinson
11: Perfect day is spending time with family and friends being able to relax
without a schedule for the day.

12: My friends would describe me as gun, loving, and a person who is willing to be there for you whether
rain or shine.