Meet The Ridge Interns: Carly Langley

My name is Carly but I prefer to be called Zeebs! Fun facts about me: I don’t like chocolate. At all. I’ve never chewed gum in my life. I love all things strawberry banana! And my grandparents are my favorite people on the planet.  

My favorite Ridge Memory is hard to come up with because I’ve enjoyed so many things here at the Ridge. One of my favorites is probably the Junkyard mission trip to Tennessee in 2013. I loved getting the opportunity to serve down there and I still keep in touch with the family we served, today!

One thing I’m looking forward to the most this summer is getting to know the staff better and jumping in to serve wherever I’m needed!

What excites me most about my internship is the opportunity to learn more about ministry and leadership. I am moving to Africa in September where I’ll be a missionary for 16 months and I’m excited to take the things I learn here and apply them to the next season of my life!