Meet The Ridge Staff: Tony Vis – Teaching Pastor

1.      What is your job at The Ridge?  Teaching Pastor
2.    Favorite thing about your job?  I love to study and learn and then share what I’ve learned with others.  I particularly enjoy making the scriptures come alive for people.
3.    Least favorite thing about your job?  I suppose when I’m feeling tied down.
4.    Tell us about your relationship with God.  I don’t recall a time in life when God was just another word for me.  Brought up in a Christian family, Jesus has been my Lord, Savior, and Friend for as long as can remember.
5.     What are you studying now?  I usually have several books going at once.  I’m in the book of Jeremiah in personal devotional reading, with Ezekiel up next.  Reading N.T. Wrights “The Day the Revolution Began,” a book about the wide meaning of the cross.
6.    What brought you to The Ridge?  An invitation to come on staff part-time while trying to live into retirement from 40 years of full-time ministry.
7.     Favorite Ridge memory.  The morning we were able to surprise Mike and Sarah with a fully paid trip for the family to Israel.
8.    Tell us about your family.  Deanna and I have been married for 48 years.  We have three adult children and nine precious grandchildren.
9.    Favorite Bible Verse:  Philippians 1:6.  “Being confident in this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”
10.           Favorite Quote. “If you’re Dutch and think you’re much, perhaps you’re out of touch.”  (Yes, I made that up!)
11.  Favorite Spot to connect with God:  The sunroom in our home or during a hike in the mountain reserves around Phoenix, AZ.
12.Favorite spot in your house. The sunroom.
13.If you could do anything you wanted right now, what would it be?  I’d probably be with my kids and grandkids on a Caribbean cruise or at an all-inclusive resort or in a big home on the Michigan side of the big lake.
14.     If money was no object, what would you do all day?  Pretty much what I am doing, but travel more.
15. What is your favorite memory?  Excluding family memories, I would have to say the first time I stood at the top of the Cliffs of Arbel and looking over the Sea of Galilee after an exhilarating, but challenging, climb.
16.Who is your favorite author?  Tough one because I have many.  I’ll go with Michael Connelly.
17.  What is your favorite book?  The Bible?  Okay, other than that let’s go with “A Tale of Two Cities” by Dickens.  Wonderful story!
18.  What was your favorite activity in gym class?  Basketball
19.What does your perfect day look like?  Spending the whole day, sun up do sundown, with Deanna and all of our children and grandchildren.
20.   How would your friends describe you?  Funny, serious, devoted, inspiring and loyal.
Would you rather…
1.      Read on a Kindle or paperback book?  iPad
2.    Go to a play or musical?  Musical
3.    Go to the theater or a movie?  Toss up
4.    Hike or bike?  Hike
5.     Wear jeans or chinos?  Chinos
6.    Crash with friends or stay in a hotel?  Hotel
7.     Visit Europe or Mexico?  Europe
8.    Travel by plane, train, or automobile?  Plane
9.    Enjoy a houseboat or speed boat?  Houseboat
10.   Go climbing or zip lining?  Climbing
11.  Have a night out or evening in?  Night out
12.Watch TV or read a book?  Toss up
13.Go canoeing or waterskiing?  Canoeing
14.Camp in an RV or stay in a tent?  RV, duh. (See 6 above!)
15. Use Facebook or Twitter?  Facebook
16.Swim in a pool or the ocean?  Ocean
17. Travel by sailboat or cruise ship?  Cruise ship
18.Watch sports or play sports?  These days it is often better to watch. (Sigh)
19.Play dodgeball or kickball?  Kickball
20.  Get up early or stay up late?  Easy, stay up late