Topical Messages

Good Wheat or Weeds


Pastor Aaron Vis from ReNew Community Church in Ames preaches on the parable of the weeds in the wheat. Our job isn't to pull the weeds, just be good wheat.

Hope in the LORD


Hope in the LORD - Pr Aaron Vis of Renew Community talks about what it means to hope in the Lord. It's not about what we hope for, it's about Who we place our hope in.

Missed Signs – Pastor Aaron


Missed Signs - Pastor Aaron Vis from Renew Community in Ames reminds us that there are signs everywhere directing us to God, we just need to be aware. Ask yourself, "What is God's invitation here?"

The Creed: Resurrection


The Creed: Resurrection - Pastor Tony preaches his final message on the Apostles Creed. When we believe in the resurrection, we can be ready to die, even if we're not ready to die.

The Creed: Forgiveness


The Creed: Forgiveness - The world is a messy place in which to live but it is in God's nature to forgive our sins. In fact, God has already provided the forgiveness we need.