You & Me – Submission


Relationships #4: Submission - Pr Mike teaches us how this passage is commonly misunderstood. It is not about wives being submissive and husbands being superior but both submitting to the Lord.

You & Me – Resiliency


You & Me: Resiliency - Julie Wiemann teaches us from Paul's example how to be resilient in marriage and other relationships. We all face tough times, but Jesus' work on the cross gives us eternal hope.

You & Me – Love


Relationships #2 - Love: Love is not based on feelings, it is a choice, a commitment of the giver. Love is something we receive from God and then share with others.

You & Me – The Fig Leaf


You & Me #1 - Adam & Eve: God invites honesty with us; He invites us not to be afraid or ashamed and distant from him. He already knows our blemishes but he still loves and cares.