Mike Van Rees
Senior Pastor – The Ridge

Parables: The Tower


Near the height of his popularity Jesus told this story about builders who began to build a tower, but ran out of resources before completing it. Before we begin something we should crunch the numbers and consider the cost.

Parables: Banquet


We have been invited by God. We also have excuses….not necessarily bad things. Just things that become a higher priority than him. Most people don’t reject Jesus, they just get busy.

Parables: Vineyard


Parables #1 - Vineyard: The grapes are not all for you. Being a follower of Jesus is investing the life God has given us into his ongoing mission to redeem and bless this world.

SENT – Acts 6


Sent #12 - The church was growing and thriving, but some people in the church had a complaint. The best response to mess ups is to ask “God what can I learn from this”. Listen and stay open because God can shape us deeply through it.

SENT: Acts 5


Sent #11 - The Jesus movement was growing and the Jewish establishment grew jealous. Christianity isn’t a set of religious practices…it’s about Jesus.We aren’t trying to recruit you into a religion, we are inviting you to listen to and follow Jesus

Easter: Tale or Truth?


Tale or Truth: Pastor Mike presents evidence for the Truth of Jesus' resurrection. God loves us in spite of our sins; He wants a relationship with us; and he gives us freedom.