Men’s Boundary Waters Trip

Each fall, the men of The Ridge travel to the untouched wilderness of the Boundary Waters for 5 days of growing closer to God and each other through adventure, service, unplugging, and exploring.

Mission: Purposeful time away in untouched wilderness growing closer to God and other men

If you are interested in more information email Dan Schuknecht.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get there?
We have partnered with a bus company out of Ames, CIT Signature Transportation, to provide transportation for the trips. They provide a driver and a Charter Bus (55 passenger for week 1 with Wheelchair lift, 38 passenger for week 2). Buses are equipped with Wifi, bathroom and the peace of not having to ask guys to drive their personal vehicles to the Boundary Waters.

How much is it to go on the trip?
The fee to register and reserve a spot is $35. The fee we pay to our outfitter, Coldwater Foundation, is $340, for a total of $375.  Since 2010, Coldwater’s fee has been $300, they needed to raise it this year to cover their costs, we support the increase given it’s been at $300 for 8 years.

How do I register with Coldwater?
Click this link to start. As you work through the page, take note of the details below:
Trip Selection – choose Prairie Ridge Week 1 or Week 2.
Group Affiliation – Prairie Ridge Church
Select Course Deposit – again choose Prairie Ridge Week 1 or Week 2, then either pay $100 or the full $340. Deadline to pay Coldwater is August 1, 2019.

Next, Click Trip Info and Health forms
Health Information Forms – download and send directly to Coldwater
Acknowledgement of Risk form – download and send directly to Coldwater

What’s the difference in trip experiences?
We’re grateful to be able to offer a number of trip experiences depending on what you’re looking for.

Paddle / Challenge
More guys have done this option than any other. You get to experience the challenge of paddling and portaging through the Boundary Waters, while choosing a distance and route that makes most sense for your group. This is a point to point experience where you’re dropped off (with a Coldwater guide) on Wed and picked up on Friday. The group cooks meals together and sets up camp each day.

Day Trip / Base Camp
This option is for guys who want to get out into the Boundary Waters, but aren’t looking for the physical challenge of the Paddle / Challenge group. You’re also doing a Wed-Fri experience, you just don’t cover the mileage that the paddle group does. You’ll have more time for connection within the group, reflection and fishing are options too.

This option was offered for the first time in 2018, and guys loved it. You get to experience the beauty of the Boundary Waters from a different angle while also having the variety of backpacking for those looking for something different than paddling.

IN Group
Offered week 1, this experience is for those who aren’t looking for the physical challenge of paddling, but instead value having the flexibility to at times work on a service project, while later on have some solo time or go for a hike and explore. You get the comfort of staying in the cabins and having meals in the mess hall too.

What do I pack for the trip?
Click this link for the Clothing and Personal Equipment Packing List.
Note: there are a few small differences between what’s needed from this list and our trip that we will discuss at our meetings.