When struggling with anxiety and depression, we often feel overwhelmed, panicked, lost, alone and many other emotions…but we don’t feel grounded.  This ten-week skills training group will help you learn to manage your anxiety and/or depression through grounding, gratitude and social/spiritual support.

The Mental Health Skills Group is open to anyone interested in skills training, support and education.  The group covers topics from Grounding: Gardening Your Life by Dr. Heidi Vermeer-Quist.  Each session begins with the Serenity Prayer and a mindfulness exercise.

The 10 main topics are:

  • Deep breathing, relaxation & mindfulness
  • Improving your self talk and self concept
  • Self care: improving eat, sleep & exercise habits
  • Healthy boundaries: living with good limits
  • Understanding & managing emotions
  • Prayer journaling: working through feelings, attitudes & behaviors
  • Distress tolerance: skills for stressful times
  • Interpersonal effectiveness: respecting yourself & others
  • Assertiveness & active listening skills
  • Giving thanks & building a grateful community

Winter 2022 Session

January 17 – March 21
Mondays from 6:30-8:00 pm
Cost $45
Facilitated by Steve Lahey, intern at Heartland Christian Counseling
Space is limited.

Registration is now closed.