SPARK  (Special Program Assisting Ridge Kids) provides opportunities for Ridge Kids with special needs to participate in Sunday morning and midweek activities with other kids their own age.

At The Ridge we believe church should be a place where ALL kids can have fun and follow Jesus!  We strive to create a safe and positive environment.  We want ALL kids to learn about God and the Bible through worship, teaching, fun activities and prayer.

We also seek to build community.  We want to help support families by providing them the opportunity to worship and fellowship together.

To make this happen, a team of volunteer SPARK Buddies help encourage and support each child with special needs.

Do you have a child who could benefit from our SPARK ministry? Please contact Sara Pullen at

Want to become a SPARK Buddy?  Some of our RidgeKids with special needs would love to have buddies (youth 14 years through adult) on Sunday morning   Please contact Sara Pullen at

Hear from the volunteers…

What are your favorite things about volunteering in SPARK?

My buddy is asking to participate more in games instead of being asked.

I’ve gotten to become closer with my buddy, which feels awesome.

Getting to come in every morning and see my buddy’s smiling face.

I feel I have a great connection with my buddy.

Her mom will often tell me that she asks about me.

I am always excited to come and see her. She is so sweet and funny.

She is always happy, which makes me happy.

We have found ways to have fun and learn at the same time. I enjoy helping him.