Ministry Intern – Communications Arts

Join our Communication Arts team by bringing your interest and skills in social media and photography.

The internship experience is intended to bring value in two primary ways:

  1. The intern serves the church in a capacity that fulfills a need, whether the intern is a resident in training for part/full-time ministry, or still exploring their calling/vocation.
  2. The church provides the intern a supervised growth opportunity, developing character and leadership experience within a local church setting.

Reports To: Ministry Development Director

Essential Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities:

The intern commits to being a follower of Christ, displaying integrity and faithfulness to the work set before him/her. Assignments will be determined in conjunction with a staff supervisor.

Within the area of Communication Arts, this internship focuses on the management and development of Social Media and Photography as a ministry. Primary work will begin with reviewing our current procedures and practices while exploring potential new strategies with social media ministry.

Skills/experience recommended for this internship include photography, writing, basic journalism, and design. Daily tasks will include writing posts that capture “Ridge life”, further our values, and share the love of God along with the nature of our faith with our community.

Some events or communications projects will involve multiple ministry areas, or staff collaboration. Areas may include, but are not restricted to: Ridge Kids, Junkyard (youth), worship, production, office ministry, spiritual formation, Young Adults, Ridge Cares, Small Groups, Men’s or Women’s ministries. This could involve leading projects on your own or organizing volunteers to complete new or existing tasks.

Portions of the internship will involve coordination with volunteers and managing communications relating to an event.

Lastly, personal spiritual growth and accountability will be a part of this internship. Financial coaching will be a recommended elective component.

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