We are partnering with Joshua Christian Academy in Des Moines to provide FREE lunches on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of every month.  We need 360 (individually wrapped) desserts each month and would also love for people to decorate lunch bags and put a note in it for a child. Contact Mary to pick up bags to decorate or to donate cookies/bars for lunches.

HISTORY: Joshua Christian Academy (JCA) was started 10 years ago because a group of God-fearing people saw a need for a better way to educate and show God’s love to the urban children in Des Moines. We wanted to provide a faith-based education that was affordable for all children in the Des Moines Metro.

OUR MISSION: To build a Christ-centered academic foundation within the hearts and minds of urban children, equipping them and their families to serve God and others to their fullest potential through outstanding biblical education.

OUR VISION: Believing that all children are created and endowed by God with extraordinary potential to become outstanding Kingdom citizens, the Joshua Christian Academy covenants with the families and churches of urban Des Moines to provide an excellent, affordable Christian education. We believe that economically disadvantaged children can perform at the highest level, and we will set high expectations for students and their families. With God’s help, students will become family and community leaders, working for justice, economic opportunity, and racial harmony, unifying the body of Christ in this city and throughout the world.

Upcoming Serving Opportunities