Global Missions

When the resurrected Jesus spoke, His disciples listened. Just as He commanded them, He commands us to go and spread the gospel. It’s the Great Commission. Many of us can recite it. But these individuals are living it. The Ridge supports these global missionaries—all former Ridge members who, as young adults, have been called to unique places to serve the Lord. As their supporters, we continue to bless them financially and through prayer. Join them in living out this command Jesus has given by contributing to the livelihood of their work.

Caleb & Olivia Andrews

Location: UNI
Agency: Navigators
Support The Andrews

Our mission is to help college students have a relationship with Jesus, grow in their relationship with Jesus and learn how to share the gospel with others. When students graduate from college, we want them to be active church members and ready to be disciple makers in their workplace and the church. Through your monthly financial support, Olivia and I will be able to invest all our time with students by holding Bible studies, meeting individually with students, and sharing the gospel on UNI’s campus and all around Iowa.

Olivia is a former member of The Ridge and Junkyard.