Wings of Refuge is a Christ-centered organization providing opportunities to survivors of sex trafficking. In 2013, Wings of Refuge began with a prayer movement of 12 individuals whose hearts were broken for those enslaved by commercial sexual exploitation. They pursued training and research for the aftercare of adult female survivors of sex trafficking and opened a safe home where women have the opportunity to heal and find new life.​ Wings of Refuge refuses to remain silent about things that matter by ending exploitation, they focus on four aspects of domestic sex trafficking:

  • Through education, to reach and empower people to join in the end of exploitation and make restoration possible.
  • Through networking, work with organizations that are on the front lines recovering survivors.
  • Through the safe home, to provide programming that restores the whole person – heart, mind, body, and soul.
  • Empower survivors to rebuild their lives and rise into a life filled with hope & possibilities.

The Ridge supports Wings of Refuge with financial and in-kind donations.

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