Mother’s Day

Today is a special day on which we honor very special people, people that God created for an incredibly demanding job—a job with a description that defies the possibility of fulfilling—a job nobody would actually accept if all the requirements were revealed in advance.


Endless loving, continual caring.

Minimal sleeping, and problem bearing.

Negotiating, long nights waiting,

Arguments with prolonged debating,

Ego boosting, activity attending,

Juggling time, ceaseless spending

Tear consoling and hand holding,

Advice giving, gentle controlling,

Sickness healing and wound nursing,

Correcting for the use of cursing.

Washing, cleaning, cooking, baking.

Chauffeuring, shopping and party making.

Understanding without ceasing.

Holding tight and then releasing,

The list goes on and on.  Probably the most descriptive word of this person we honor today is SACRIFICING.  After all this love, devotion, and hard work, God gives this person the strength to let go—to relinquish her responsibilities and send them out into the world.  And her greatest desire is for them to know God, to love others, and to bless the world.

Thank you, God, for mothers.

By: Karen Harrison