Nursery Update

You might have seen the article in the Des Moines Register a couple weeks ago about 2018 being the last year for the Dam to Dam race. Did you know Dam to Dam is a volunteer organized race? Their decision to end Dam to Dam was because they “could not find anybody who wanted to put in the time and energy. Volunteer committees aren’t there anymore.”

The Dam to Dam race isn’t the only place facing challenges due to lack of volunteers. Over the recent years we too have experienced the difficulty of few volunteers serving in our nursery (Wee Ones) area. So we had conversations with nursery parents and based on those conversations we are making some changes to the parent serving policy starting December 1st.

Serving for parents in nursery will now be optional, not mandatory. However, only those that serve will have a guaranteed spot for their children. Here’s how that will play out….


  1. If each parent serves at two services every three months (no change from current requirement) in the nursery area:
    1. Their children will be guaranteed a spot each Sunday if their children arrive between 15 and 5 minutes prior to the service starting.
    2. Click here to login to the volunteer schedule.
  1. If parents choose not to serve in the nursery area:
    1. We will take as many kids as we have room for starting at five minutes before the service starts.
    2. Parents will sign in on a sheet in the order they arrive and we will admit as many kids as we can in that order.
    3. Parents may have to take their children to worship if we do not have room or enough volunteers.


There will ALWAYS be room for guests and visitors. (See updated policy)

Dam to Dam decided to end their race. We decided to make changes, to think outside the box, and to try something different to serve with our church family. Thank you for your help in serving the children of The Ridge.

Mike Van Rees | Lead Pastor | The Ridge