Obadiah 1:3-11 (NIV)

3 The pride of your heart has deceived you,

you who live in the clefts of the rocks

and make your home on the heights,

you who say to yourself,

‘Who can bring me down to the ground?’

4 Though you soar like the eagle

and make your nest among the stars,

from there I will bring you down,”

declares the Lord.

5 “If thieves came to you,

if robbers in the night—

oh, what a disaster awaits you!—

would they not steal only as much as they wanted?

If grape pickers came to you,

would they not leave a few grapes?

6 But how Esau will be ransacked,

his hidden treasures pillaged!

7 All your allies will force you to the border;

your friends will deceive and overpower you;

those who eat your bread will set a trap for you,

but you will not detect it.

8 “In that day,” declares the Lord,

“will I not destroy the wise men of Edom,

those of understanding in the mountains of Esau?

9 Your warriors, Teman, will be terrified,

and everyone in Esau’s mountains

will be cut down in the slaughter.

10 Because of the violence against your brother Jacob,

you will be covered with shame;

you will be destroyed forever.

11 On the day you stood aloof

while strangers carried off his wealth

and foreigners entered his gates

and cast lots for Jerusalem,

you were like one of them.


Pastor Mike commented how we live in a culture of instant gratification.In what ways do you think this can negatively impact us/our faith?What are some of the ways we can avoid getting lured in by this culture?

What are some of the things in your life that could draw you into passivity/apathy when it comes to your faith? What things keep you from stepping out to help others in need?

What does it look like for your faith to be actively expressed/engaged in your context? (Your family, workplace, place of study, your local community etc).

Practical Application

“You cannot follow God in neutral. Jesus didn’t come, give his life on the cross, and rise from the dead just so we can sing songs and stay far away from evil. We have been redeemed from sinand given resurrection power. We have been forgiven and empowered so that we can advance the Kingdom of God and bless this world.”

(Pastor Mike)


How do we avoid becoming “neutral” in terms of our faith? How do we avoid becoming inward focused rather than the outward focused faith that God has called us to?
Join Pastor Mike and Will as they discuss some warning signs that we are living a passive, rather than active faith.

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