Minor Prophets: Obadiah

Unique to this book, the prophet is not speaking to the Israelites, but to the nation of Edom. God disciplined them for doing nothing when their help was needed. The [...]

Minor Prophets: Obadiah2021-07-02T10:50:09-06:00

What is Worship?

Will Herron, director discipleship, shares with us that worship is a response to God, a way to reorient ourselves to Him, and a place of renewal.

What is Worship?2021-06-22T10:05:35-06:00

Minor Prophets: Amos

What’s normal for a follower of Jesus? Normal is not the lifestyle of our peers. Normal for people who have been saved and in relationship with God through Jesus should [...]

Minor Prophets: Amos2021-06-13T08:30:38-06:00

Minor Prophets

Pastor Mike introduces the new series on the minor prophets and the God who pursues us.

Minor Prophets2021-05-17T10:37:22-06:00

Minor Prophets: Haggai

Julie Wiemann teaches about Haggai's message to the Israelites. Stop making excuses and look at the consequences of your disobedience.

Minor Prophets: Haggai2021-05-12T11:02:32-06:00

Acts 14:21-28

In this passage we take a look at the end of Paul's first missionary journey. He didn't just head home when he got to the end of the route; he [...]

Acts 14:21-282021-05-03T14:39:08-06:00

Acts 14:8-20

Paul was filled with joy but faced many hardships in his life. Where did that joy come from? From serving, helping, and blessing others.

Acts 14:8-202021-04-27T08:45:18-06:00