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Childcare Guidelines 1. We offer childcare for kids 4 months through 10 years of age. 2. No food or drink will be served during childcare with the exception of a possible snack provided by the Childcare Coordinator if the class is 2 hours or over. 3. No outside food or drink or toy of any kind will be allowed in the childcare rooms. 4. UP events (i.e. classes and support groups will be given first priority for childcare) 5. We are limited to 9 children 4 months to two years per classroom reserved. 6. We are limited to 12 children 3 to fourth grade for each room available. (20 children if we have junkyard or square for childcare). 7. Fee for childcare for participants, volunteers, and teachers children: a. Classes that meet up to 10 times for a session - $20.00 per child for whole session b. Classes that meet more than 10 times for a session - $30.00 per child c. Volunteers will receive a 50% discount. Volunteers’ children will be required to be picked up when their duties are done. 8. All of the childcare providers will be background checked 9. Childcare Coordinator needs names of the registered children and the parent contact numbers a week in advance of the first day of class. Additional children may be admitted the day of the class as long as there is space available and the children are registered. Please continue to communicate with the Childcare Coordinator any new additions. 10. The person in charge of the class can choose whether they offer this childcare option to their volunteers that are teaching or helping with the class. We have limited space so remember that the childcare spaces offered to volunteers will limit the spots open for participant’s children. 11. If you offer this childcare option to volunteers, please have them sign up for childcare like the participants do. 12. If times, dates, or location of the class change, childcare may not be able to be offered. We will work with these requests if we can, but cannot guarantee that we will be able to grant these requests. 13. Childcare is only available for on-site events/classes. Thanks for your help in making our childcare a safe caring environment for all the children we serve.


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