Copyright Consent & Release Form

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Copyright Consent & Release Form

I hearby grant permission to Prairie Ridge Church to capture the likeness of myself (or my child) via audio and/or video recording and/or photography before, during, and following worship services and events sponsored by Prairie Ridge Church.

I further grant permission to Prairie Ridge Church to copyright any image, likeness, or recording of me while engaged in services or events sponsored by Prairie Ridge Church and I make no claim to any compensation of any kind for my participation in those services or events. I acknowledge that any copyrighted images, likenesses, or recordings will be the property of Prairie Ridge Church and cannot be used prior authorization from Prairie Ridge Church.

I understand that these audio / video recordings and photographs may be used for rebroadcasting and promotional purposes.

I understand that I have the right to revoke this consent by providing a written notification of my intent to revoke this consent to Prairie Ridge Church.

By completing this section, I am providing my consent.