What brought you to The Ridge?

I helped plant the church in 1998 from Meredith Drive. When we said yes to being part of the church plant my plan was to simply help play the keyboard for a year – when I was asked to be the worship leader it took several months of prayer seeking God’s strength to do something I knew I was inadequate for.

How do you see God’s plan unfolding for The Ridge in the next 5-10 years?

I see The Ridge continuing to impact Ankeny and the surrounding communities as we humbly serve God and His people. I believe even greater things are yet to come with heartfelt, Spirit-filled, excellent music and teaching; dynamic children’s and youth programming that overflow our spaces. And a continued effort of outreach ministries both locally and globally where people can serve those in need. I envision people who love Jesus with heart, soul and mind and are not lukewarm in their love for Him.

Do you have any specific memories you’d like to share about The Ridge?

One of my favorite memories is the pictures of our worship team in our weekly practices. For the first 2-3 years we spent hours on our faces after practice seeking God in prayer. Many times I wouldn’t get home until 1 am. We didn’t know what we were doing and we were solely surrendered to Him. At the time if you could pluck a guitar string we needed you to play! We were leading weekly on Sunday mornings and we also were taking worship into the prison in Newton. It was a sweet time. I believe God honored those hours in face down prayer. He continued to bring us musicians who had heart and talent; and He’s been faithful in that for nearly 20 years.