How has God used The Ridge to impact your life?

The first Sunday I came to The Ridge was after my wife of 23 years had left me. I was completely lost and broken. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for, or expecting to happen, but God knew. He knew exactly what I needed. At The Ridge, I was surrounded with brothers and sisters that encouraged me, prayed for me, but more importantly showed me the love of Christ.

As I walked thru the year that followed grieving the end of my marriage, I experienced intense lows, and incredible highs. But, my friends at The Ridge, a community of godly men and women never faltered in their love for God, or their love for me, and my family. They prayed for me, when I couldn’t see a way. We prayed for my wife. We prayed for restoration, and God answered. My wife and I are now back together, after exactly 1 year. We aren’t perfect, but we are seeking God, and putting Him first. Watching Him fulfill promises to us, and being completely overwhelmed by His amazing Grace.

How do you see God’s plan unfolding for the Ridge in the next 5-10 years?

We are confident that God will continue to use The Ridge to heal broken hearts, and fill them with the hope that only Christ gives.

Do you have any specific memories you’d like to share about The Ridge?

The men’s Boundary Waters trip. The trip was amazing, and God totally met me there. It was there that I encountered my Lord, my Savior.

Where are you now?

My wife and I now attend Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, Ca. My wife and I would like to say thank you to all of you that were faithful to pray for us. There is power in prayer, and we will never stop thanking the Lord for each of you. God is real. His promises are YES and AMEN. His love is relentless, His grace and mercy never cease, and His kindness overwhelms us daily.