What brought you to The Ridge?

I have been at the Ridge since we started. Pastor Mike gave the message at Meredith Drive Church about getting out of your boat. I had lunch with Mike a few weeks later and the rest is history.

How has God used The Ridge to impact your life?

I tell everyone you should experience a new church start at least once in your life. God stretches you to do things you never thought were possible. When you are a new church, EVERYONE has to pitch in and help.

How do you see God’s plan unfolding for the Ridge in the next 5-10 years?

As the community continues to grow, so will the Ridge. I believe God will continue to bring people just the way they are and we will continue to minister to theme to become fully devoted followers of Christ.

Do you have any specific memories you’d like to share about The Ridge?

Some of my greatest memories are when Laura Kelly and I lead our singles small group for many years. Those people were my tribe! We studied together, ate together, played together and shared many tears and laughs. God continued to grow and stretch me and in November of 2014 I took part in adult baptism and experienced “rebirth”. It came at a time when I was weary and broken. But God is forever faithful!