I started coming to the Ridge 2 – 3 years ago but I never really got involved, I just showed up on Sundays with my family….maybe.

Then, earlier this year I got plugged into the mentoring program. My mentor proved to be a God-send. When the program began, I was in the middle of a very difficult time in my life. My fiancé, whom I had been with over 6 years fell into drugs. I found myself faced with the difficult decision of breaking up the family we had started together. My mentor helped me through this time. She was there as someone I could open up to, who genuinely cared, and helped keep my thoughts in check with all the emotions I was experiencing.

When I finally realized I needed to leave the unhealthy relationship, my mentor put me in touch with the Ridge Care Team and again I was greeted by someone who really cared and wanted to help. They connected me to several resources in the community that would provide aid. But more than that, The Care Team checked up on me from time to time just to see how I was doing.

Once the unhealthy relationship with my fiancé was over, I sensed God calling me to dig in and find my relationship with Him. I started attending Sunday morning service and Sunday evening service. I went to Summer JAM with my kids, and other events the church put on for Women’s Ministries. I did everything I could to grow in my faith. Sunday quickly became the day I looked forward to in order to get me through my week. I simply had to be with God’s people and hear something from him that would keep me going through the following week.

My relationship with God grew stronger and I started to experience a small sense of “the peace that surpasses all understanding” in my heart about my situation. The more time I spent with God through ministries at the Ridge, the less alone and scared I started to feel. I started to understand that things WILL be ok. I could see God transforming my life before my eyes.

In August I got Baptized at the Ridge as a way to commit myself to Christ and thank God for rescuing me and my children from the situation we were in.

If it wasn’t for the Ridge and how God was able to use the church in my life, I would still be back there – in that broken life. I didn’t have family to help me through. I didn’t have friends to pull me out of a bad situation. I had this church, The Ridge and all the wonderful people that come with it.