What brought you to The Ridge?

I had attended The Ridge a couple of times for family baptisms. However when I moved to Polk City, my neighbors invited me to attend with them.

How has God used The Ridge to impact your life?

For the first time in my life I can tell you what the sermon was about days, weeks, and many times months after the sermon was given. I love that the sermons help me understand many of the scriptures that I couldn’t understand before. I also love the fact that we don’t skip around the Bible, Mike teaches straight through the scripture.

Do you have any specific memories you’d like to share about The Ridge?

In April of 2017, I took custody of six of my grandchildren due to an accident and misunderstanding. So, I prayed. It was clear from God that he wanted me to take them, however I prayed intentionally for his help and provision. I asked specifically for him to provide and take care of us. Little did I know how many people from The Ridge he would include in his response! With meals, gift cards, clothing, prayers, and even a vehicle that would seat eight, God used the members of The Ridge to provided everything that we could want or need. If that isn’t a Major Impact, I don’t know what it is.