What brought you to The Ridge?

I first visited The Ridge for Single Mom’s Morning Out in May of 2018. I was so overwhelmed with gratitude for everything they had done for us; including watching my twins so I could relax! My boys had such a great time and kept talking about how much they loved Miss Tammy. Being showered with so much unconditional love, acceptance, and compassion made me quite emotional that day. Since that first visit, The Ridge kept popping into my mind; I would see something during my day about the church, I would randomly come across some of the books or coupons I was given on mom’s day out, or my kids would ask “can we see Miss Tammi?” I took all this as a sign the God was putting it on my heart to start attending Sunday services and become involved with The Ridge.

How do you see God’s plan unfolding for the Ridge in the next 5-10 years?

  • For the church – I believe a lot more people will learn about the love of God through the different ministries. The Ridge does so many amazing things in the community and I know those ministries will continue to grow and flourish.
  • For me –  As my kids get older I will have more opportunity to be of service in different ways. My hope is that my boys will want to be involved in the children’s ministries and learn about how much God loves us. I also hope to continue to build personal relationships with other members at The Ridge.