I started at Prairie Ridge church in March of 1998. I had just moved to Ankeny in Dec. of 1997 and was searching for a church that made me feel as if I was home. The Sunday I walked into PRC I heard “You are Home.” It was an over whelming feeling of love. Through the past 20 years I have had a road of redemption that continuously brings me to tears. I came broken, felt very unworthy, and questioned how could I ever turn myself around to be the person I wanted to be but even more the person God had made me to be. I was in a very loving family that went to church every week. Some how I never heard or was taught about the relationship I needed with God and the grace that He so freely gives. It was through countless bible studies, Sunday messages, worship and small groups that gave me the loving community and the teachings that helped me understand that I could not make it on my own, I did not need to perform my way into heaven. I was like a sponge soaking up everything I could. I finally was able to see that I was worthy to GOD. I was his daughter. The Holy Spirit began to give me aha moments in which my eyes were opened, my ears could hear and my heart was receiving.

As we know that closer we get to God the devil works harder. Along my road of redemption I forgot who I was. I fell back into old thoughts of not being loved, not worthy, and attempting to find my worthiness and joy in someone else. This led to an earthy divorce. Again with PRC family, continued Bible reading, Sunday messages, and worship I found my Joy again in Christ. He told me he was my husband (Isaiah 54:4-6) and will never leave me. God taught me what Grace is, God showed me His Faithfulness over and over. God has opened my eyes to new blessings daily. I was re-baptized 5 years ago and God gave me a new live mission statement. “Be the light in this darkened world.” My prayer now is to really feel what it is to Live in the ”Freedom of the Good News” I ask God to show me daily submission. I see my continued road of redemption but it has not been alone it has been with the love and support from the family of God at PRC. I know God does not have to use any of us but it is so beautiful that he chooses to use us. He has used and moved in the life of PRC. I am for every grateful to this.