RidgeKids Tables Starts February 7

Dear Ridge Families, 

We want to share an important update regarding our Sunday morning programming for RidgeKids. Back in the fall we started Family Tables – it did not look anything like a typical RidgeKids Sunday. However, families…even multiple generations were able to worship together in a safe, kidfriendly space. Family Tables will continue through January 31st. 

Where does that leave us for our spring semester? Well, starting Feb. 7th, Family Tables will transition into RidgeKids Tables! Again…this programming will not look like our Ridge Kids Sundays preCOVID. Nevertheless, we will be working hard throughout January to have a safe and welcoming space ready for the kids on February 7th. Here is what we want families to know: 

  • We are excited! We know your kids have been through a lot this past year and we want to create a new space for them to learn about Jesus and have fun.   
  • One-time online registration will be required. This will help us estimate how many kids we can expect (on a large scale) and how many volunteers will be needed.  Please register at https://ridgelife.org/connect/kids by January 24th 
  • In addition, a weekly RSVP will be required from families.  We realize this extra step could be inconvenient. However, it is necessary. Space could be limited with the safety measures we will have in place and the volunteers available each week. For these reasons, we need to prepare accordingly in order to provide a secure and well functional space. 
  • Lots of thought, prayer, and discussion went into this decision. We felt it would be inconsistent to have safety precautions set in place in the worship center and then run a traditional nursery and Ridge Kids programming where we could not control social distancing. 
  • Ridge Kids Tables will be first service only. If we have more kids who want to come AND enough volunteers…we will look to having a second service as well! 
  • We ask for your patience and grace. This is not how we had imagined our programming would look. However, we know there will still be meaningful connections and worship taking place! 
  • And THIS…Ridge Families, whether you choose to continue to worship online, attend service as a family or have your kids join RidgeKids Tables…we support you! We will be adding content for all families on our Facebook group page throughout each week. 


Watch for more RidgeKids Tables information in the coming weeks via emailThe Ridge website, and our RidgeKids Facebook group. If you want to get in on the fun by helping, please contact Sarah (svanrees@ridgelife.org) or Christy (cmclaughin@ridgelife.org). We have greeter and table leader spots waiting to be filled! 


Looking forward to seeking Him in new ways and spaces, 

Christy and Sarah 


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