RIP Medical Debt


And just like that, we hit our $15,000 goal that will allow us to purchase (and forgive) $1.5 million of medical debt for struggling Central Iowans.
In the coming weeks, as we roll into the holiday season, more than a thousand families will receive a conspicuous yellow envelope in their mailbox, letting them know their medical debt burden has been wiped clean. A fresh start, a new beginning. This gift certainly won’t be a magical fix-all in their life, but it will allow them to finally move past the medical-turned-financial pain they’ve been experiencing.
If you’d still like to be part of this awesome initiative, you still have until the end of the month to join in the fun! If we end up raising more than $15,000, we’ll just have more money to buy more debt to bless more families.
This kind of thing doesn’t happen because of me, or the church, or the awesome couple who introduced the idea. It happens because you took a step forward and made a choice for joyful generosity. So grateful to be part of this with you.


I have an update on our initiative to pay off $1.5 million of medical debt for low-income families in Central Iowa. We’re up to $5,700 of our $15,000 goal! Thanks so much for your willingness to partner with us, whether that’s providing a generous gift, sharing these posts, or just providing encouragement/affirmation. It means the world to us!
But I do have one exciting update. An opportunity just came up for a 1-to-1 matching gift. Not only does a $100 gift pay off $10,000 of medical debt, but for every dollar you give there will be another gift made equal to your gift! So if we receive another $4,700 of gifts, another matching gift of $4,700 will be made and we’ll hit our $15,000 goal.
And as soon as we hit our goal, awesome yellow envelopes will start showing up in mailboxes all over Central Iowa, sharing the news to hundreds (or thousands) of families that their medical debt burden has been wiped clean! Wow, there are going to be some amazing stories come out of this!
If you’re interested in joining us, here’s the link:
– From Financial Ministries Leader Travis Shelton
Every day, millions of Americans live their lives with the crushing weight of medical debt on their backs.  Two out of every three bankruptcies in America are triggered by medical debt.  The said reality is the scariest part of a medical emergency often isn’t the medical issue itself, but rather the daunting financial implications that can follow for years (or decades) to come.
The Ridge has partnered with RIP Medical to abolish $1.5 million of medical debt for low-income families in Central Iowa.  We chose to work with RIP Medical because of their unique expertise and access to large chunks of medical debt, and their ability to purchase it for 1 cent on the dollar.  What that means is every $1 given can abolish $100 of debt!  RIP Medical pools the funds, purchases the debt, then immediately forgives it.  Here’s the best part!  They send a letter to each family, explaining how this daunting and overwhelming medical debt is gone forever!  What an awesome and unexpected blessing!!
Here’s how it works.  We are working to raise $15,000 that will be used to pay off $1.5 million of low-income medical debt in Polk County and the surrounding counties.  If you or anyone you know wants to participate, simply click the link below and give your tax-deductible gift on the RIP Medical website.  It’s that simple!  If you donate $10, it will abolish $1,000 of medical debt.  If you give $100, it will abolish $10,000 of medical debt.  Every gift matters, and every gift will make a profound impact on a local family!
We invite you to come alongside us to make a difference in our community, and show God’s love through this merciful and unsolicited gift.