Food Services Leader

The part-time Food Services Leader serves as the coordinator for all events requiring food services. Will be responsible for planning and coordinating all food needs with [...]

Food Services Leader2022-07-14T10:16:09-06:00

Night of Worship: Worship Through the Ages

Have you ever wondered why some church songs have stood the test of time?  Our upcoming Night of Worship will answer that question by tracing back from generation to generation [...]

Night of Worship: Worship Through the Ages2022-07-20T09:51:42-06:00

Women’s Mentoring Potluck Brunch

We are celebrating our women's mentoring program with a potluck brunch on Saturday, July 30, from 9-11am. We would like to invite all women who are interested in this program [...]

Women’s Mentoring Potluck Brunch2022-06-09T08:49:28-06:00

Youth Ministry Assistant

The part-time Youth Ministry Assistant works under the leadership of the Youth Director to support the Ridge’s grade 6-12 student ministry. This team is responsible for [...]

Youth Ministry Assistant2022-06-27T11:01:12-06:00

Zoomerang Vacation Bible School

G’day, mate! Get ready for a trip of a lifetime as we zoom off to the land down under! At Zoomerang Vacation Bible School (VBS), kids learn what the Bible [...]

Zoomerang Vacation Bible School2022-07-11T12:46:10-06:00

The Story Behind the Story

Ever wondered why the stories of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Marvel are so popular? What about all the romance stories too? Join our Discipleship Director Will Herron [...]

The Story Behind the Story2022-05-31T07:12:29-06:00

Senior Luncheon

Join us for a delicious lunch and then some fun rounds of Right, Left, Center while you fellowship and enjoy dessert! Register >

Senior Luncheon2022-03-31T08:40:48-06:00

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