A statement from Ridge leaders

In the past two weeks, an individual has made a number of accusations on social media both directed at a former Ridge employee and at The Ridge related to an incident that is alleged to have occurred in 2018, prior to the individual’s employment with the church.

The incident in question did not occur on church property or during a church event. Nor did it involve anyone who was an employee of the church at the time. The alleged incident involved two high school students in a private home.

Prairie Ridge Church is not in a position to adjudicate this matter. We are not a legal body. As such, we have referred the case to local authorities.

Prairie Ridge Church is unequivocally against sexual assault and is actively involved in combatting it through domestic abuse support groups and ministries. The Bible is absolutely clear that sexual assault has no place in the church. We stand by this and will continue to work toward reviewing and strengthening our existing policies, practices and procedures to ensure the highest level of protection for everyone at The Ridge.

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