The Ridge is Hiring! Lead Audio Engineer

The Lead Audio Engineer’s purpose is to lead others and follow Christ as we seek to magnify God, echo the gospel, and inspire participation through our worship services.  The Lead Audio position addresses the crucial need for quality and consistent sound reinforcement as well as production support for Sunday night services at The Ridge.  The position offers part-time hours and a variety of work in learning and executing an excellent sound experience.

Our Environment:

  • 1 SD9 at FOH
  • 1 Presonus 32.4.2 AI fed by Dante for musician monitoring
  • PSM900 In Ear monitor units
  • 2 X ULXD4Q for microphone receivers
  • Up to date microphone selection (Shure B52, B91, 81s, and more. Audio D4, D6. Sennheiser e904s, e604s).
  • The main worship space utilizes Dante for recording, post production and to feed our monitor console.
  • Acoustically treated space by a qualified systems integrator.
  • Worship services are ran at an average of 90dB/A with peaks hitting 95 db/a measured at FOH
  • McCauley arrays In.Line 90s and 120s with centerfill and Alcon Sub

Go to our jobs page for job description and application. Applications due July 9th.