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The Ridge is Hiring: Lead Audio Engineer

The Ridge is hiring a new Lead Audio Engineer. The Lead Audio Engineer's purpose is to lead others and follow [...]

Goodbye, Cody (Lead Audio Engineer)!

Our current Lead Audio Engineer, Cody Sweeny, has an exciting job opportunity that he couldn't pass up (we tried to [...]

Staff Update

After almost 8 years as the Wee Ones Director, Jeanne Hirsch has accepted the new 5-year-old teacher position in Preschool [...]

Preschool @ The Ridge is Hiring!

5-year old Lead Preschool Teacher Position for the second class Download job description and application 30 hours / week    36 [...]

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Grow UP. Connect IN. Serve OUT.

Here at The Ridge we invite you to take steps UP towards God through worship, study and prayer. To connect IN with one another. And, to reach OUT through serving.