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Join us on Sundays as we begin our next sermon series, The Gospel of Grace,  in the Book of Galatians.  The New Testament book is a letter from Paul addressed to the churches of Galatia where he previously traveled on one of his missionary journeys. Paul had just received word that the churches had fallen into error.

Historically, the covenant people of God were from one nation — Israel. To further distinguish themselves as God's chosen people, the Israelites were set apart by the Mosaic Laws, practices including circumcision, kosher eating, and strict observation of the Sabbath. Many believed that for non-Jews to become part of God's covenant family, they too must obey the Law. This conflict of cultures and conflict between grace and law and faith and deeds threatened to tear the early church apart. Judaizers — an extremist Jewish faction within the church — were vocal and passionate in their beliefs, which were based on false teachings, and were quickly gaining influence.

Paul wrote this letter to call believers back to the pure gospel and reinforce that we are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ and nothing else.

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