The Tithing Challenge

Have you ever given tithing a try and put God to the test? If not, we think you should. Here’s how it works: Between now and May 25th, tithe to God. Below are the three groups of challenges to prayerfully consider.

Group 1: The Tithing Challenge
Tithe means 10%. Aim for that. It’s what God challenges you to do. Take on His challenge, and put Him to the test for 90 days.

Group 2: Start Somewhere Challenge

Start with a lower percentage — maybe 1 or 3% per month. Whatever makes sense for you. Test God with that. Then, if God proves Himself faithful, consider trusting Him with a bit more.

Group 3: The Beyond Tithing Challenge
For some, 10% per month isn’t too big a deal. God has blessed you, and so the question for you is how much you are willing to trust Him. Some people give more than half of their income. What would it look like if you took your generosity beyond 10%?

Be bold enough to put God to the test, and here’s what we think will happen. We think that a few weeks from now, you’ll say that you had no idea what you were missing. We think you’ll say that you were nervous but that you rose to God’s challenge and saw Him bless you and others in ways that you never would have imagined.

Put God to the test. Give Him a chance to tell you “I told you so!”

Does Generosity Make a Difference?

Between wars, natural disasters, poverty, sickness, and a whole lot more, our world is full of hurting people. And at times, we can feel powerless to help those in need. We’re not.

At The Ridge, we believe that generosity is a powerful catalyst for change and that the more we as Christ-followers live generously, the more our world transforms for the better. When our individual acts of generosity combine with those of others, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of others.

We also believe that generosity transforms us as believers in that it teaches us to rely on God and to be obedient to His will for our lives.

That’s why we’re committed to making a difference in the lives of those in our own church community, in our local community, and in our global community. We do this through a combination of service, prayer, and financial giving.

Where do Financial Gifts Go?

When you give a financial gift, it combines with the gifts of others to support programming at The Ridge such as classes, support groups, and children’s ministry;
to equip Ridge teams to serve through local and global missions; and to support our ministry partners who provide essential services to the hurting and vulnerable.

You're Invited

If you feel God prompting you to partner with us in positively impacting the lives of others, consider making a one-time gift or setting up a recurring gift online. Click the 'Give' button below.
You can always give during one of our worship services by dropping your gift into a giving box.
To login to access your giving profile, change your recurring gift, or check your giving history, click the 'Login' button below.

Ministry Partner Spotlight: Wings of Refuge

Wings of Refuge is a Christ-centered organization providing opportunities to survivors of sex trafficking. In 2013, Wings of Refuge began with a prayer movement of 12 individuals whose hearts were broken for those enslaved by commercial sexual exploitation. They pursued training and research for the aftercare of adult female survivors of sex trafficking and opened a safe home where women have the opportunity to heal and find new life.

It's OK to Start Small

If you’re new to the idea of giving, it’s perfectly OK to start small. We believe it’s far better to start small than to never start at all. Whether you give or not, God will continue to do amazing things. He will continue to transform lives and reach the lost and broken people of the world. But He wants you to be a part of that work. Jump in where you feel comfortable, and see how God works in and through your generosity.

Giving Through Serving

In addition to financial giving, we believe each person is created with unique gifts and talents that God calls on them to use in service of others. Sharing these is an important part of your journey in following God. This comes in the way of volunteering in our church and serving our larger community locally, nationally, and internationally through missions. 

Other Financial Gifts

Estate Planning

Plan your estate and consider leaving a gift to support God’s work in and through The Ridge. 


Publicly traded stocks are accepted. These stocks are sold upon receipt. 

Questions or Need Assistance?

Contact our finance team by email or phone (965-1737, ext. 218).

Want more information about building a strong financial foundation?
We recommend this teaching from Pastor Rick Warren.