Joshua Christian Academy

Lunch Program for Kids in Need

We partner with Joshua Christian Academy in Des Moines to provide free lunches to students every Thursday during the school year. Volunteers help serve the meals onsite to 120 students (many of whom cannot afford to bring their lunches) and 20 staff members.

JCA was founded by a group of Christians who saw a need for a better way to educate and show God’s love to children living in urban Des Moines. The school's mission is to provide an affordable, faith-based education for children from all across the city. The school's operates under the belief that economically disadvantaged children can perform at the highest level when high expectations are set for students and their families. JCA believes that, with God’s help, students will become family and community leaders who work for justice, economic opportunity and racial harmony while unifying the body of Christ in this city and throughout the world.

Interested in Serving?

We'd love to have you join the volunteer team for this amazing ministry. Simply click on the icon below that matches your preferred serving method.

Lunches will be served from 11:15 a.m.–1:15 p.m. Contact Mary Kohlsdorf if you need more information or help deciding how to serve.